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The Heart of Rock and Soul

Dave Marsh, 1989

69 GLORIA, Them
Produced by Tommy Scott; written by Van Morrison
Parrot 9727 - 1965
Billboard: #71


One of the few rock songs that's actually as raunchy as its reputation - unless you think she's going up to his room for a chat. Van Morrison sings "Gloria" in a lustful croak, like a demented, horny frog, but it wouldn't mean much without the wicked guitar, reputedly played by Jimmy Page, which completes an air as exotic as it is erotic. (Appropriately, given what Morrison - and Page for that matter - were to get up to later.) The best truly dirty record ever.
Marsh index 0001.htm

From "The Heart of Rock and Soul, The 1001 Greatest Singles Ever Made", by Dave Marsh, 1989.
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