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PharmaSUG proceedings: Beyond the Basics, 84 papers

Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group 2017   May 14-17, 2017 - Baltimore, Maryland

Beyond the Basics
tweet!  One Project, Two Teams: The Unblind leading the Blind
  Kristen Harrington, Rho, Inc.
Keywords: Unblinding Teams
Pages: 5 Size: 58 Kb 
Best Paper
tweet!  Making Documents 'Intelligent' with Embedded Macro Calls, DOSUBL and Proc STREAM: An example with the CONSORT Flow Diagram
  Joseph Hinson, inVentiv Health
Pages: 15 Size: 451 Kb 
tweet!  The REPORT Procedure and ODS Destination for Microsoft Excel: The Smarter, Faster Way to Create First-Rate Excel Reports
  Jane Eslinger, SAS Institute
Pages: 20 Size: 1067 Kb 
tweet!  Reporting Non-Printable and Special Characters for Review in Excel
  Abhinav Srivastva, Gilead Sciences
Keywords: Non-printable characters special characters reporting special characters in excel data checks
Pages: 11 Size: 759 Kb 
tweet!  I've Got to Hand It to You; Portable Programming Techniques
  Art Carpenter, CA Occidental Consultants
Keywords: Macro %SYSGET AUTOEXEC %SYSFUNC portable SAS_EXECFILEPATH Batch submissions UNIX Windows
Pages: 21 Size: 417 Kb 
tweet!  Good artists copy; Great artists steal; (implement pseudo R, JQuery & code in Base SAS without installing R or other Applications
  Hui Liu, MSD
Keywords: R Base SAS
Pages: 8 Size: 368 Kb 
tweet!  Simplifying Your %DO Loop with CALL EXECUTE
  Arthur Li, City of Hope
Pages: 5 Size: 65 Kb 
tweet!  Using Hash tables for AE search strategies
  Vinodita Bongarala, Seattle Genetics; Liz Thomas, Seattle Geneticd
Keywords: Hash Tables AE Search Strategies
Pages: 6 Size: 199 Kb 
tweet!  Expansion of Opportunities in Programming: DS2 Features and Examples of Usage Object Oriented Programming in SAS
  Serhii Voievutskyi, Experis Clinical
Keywords: DS2
Pages: 11 Size: 446 Kb 
tweet!  A Macro to carry values through observations forwards or backwards over null values within a by group or a SAS(R) dataset.
  Timothy Harrington, SAS Programmer
Keywords: by group processing macro
Pages: 9 Size: 56 Kb 
Best Paper
tweet!  SAS Programmer's Guide to Life on the SAS Grid
  Eric Brinsfield, Meridian Analytics
Keywords: SAS Grid Linux Performance Programming Optimization
Pages: 18 Size: 884 Kb 
tweet!  Programming LYRIC Response in Immunomodulatory Therapy Trials
  Yang Wang, Seattle Genetics
Keywords: LYRIC
Pages: 5 Size: 146 Kb 
tweet!  Harnessing the Power of the Manifest File in the SAS® Life Science Analytics Framework
  Kevin Clark, SAS Institute
Keywords: Job manifest clinical trials job creation API macros Life Sciences Analytics Framework
Pages: 3 Size: 240 Kb 
tweet!  A SAS®sy Study of eDiary Data
  Amie Bissonett, inVentiv Health Clinical
Keywords: eDiary Data
Pages: 5 Size: 225 Kb 
tweet!  A Case of assessing adverse events of interest based on their grade changes
  Sriramu Kundoor, Seattle Genetics
Keywords: Adverse Events AE
Pages: 7 Size: 426 Kb 
tweet!  Don't Get Lost! A High-efficiency, Low-tech Solution for Navigating Your Department's Many-Many-Many SOPs and Guidance Documents
  Michael Hagendoorn, Amgen, Inc.; Tim Yerington, Amgen, Inc.
Keywords: SOP
Pages: 11 Size: 342 Kb 
tweet!  Writing Efficient Queries in SAS Using PROC SQL with Teradata
  Mina Chen, Roche
Keywords: Teradata SQL
Pages: 5 Size: 117 Kb 
tweet!  Clinical Data Visualization using TIBCO Spotfire® and SAS®
  Ajay Gupta, PPD Inc
Keywords: TIBCO Spotfire Excel SAS
Pages: 12 Size: 527 Kb 
tweet!  Automating Title and Footnote Extraction Using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and SAS"
  Tony Cardozo, Spaulding Clinical
Keywords: SAS Visual Basic for Applications VBA Title footnote extraction SAP Output Shells
Pages: 12 Size: 155 Kb 
tweet!  Beyond IF THEN ELSE: Techniques for Conditional Execution of SAS® Code
  Josh Horstman, Nested Loop Consulting
Pages: 10 Size: 745 Kb 

Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group 2016   May 8-11, 2016 - Denver, Colorado

Beyond the Basics
tweet!  Color, Rank, Count, Name; Controlling it all in PROC REPORT
  Arthur L. Carpenter, California Occidental Consultants, Anchorage, AK
Keywords: PROC REPORT PROC FORMAT color selection PROC RANK user defined formats traffic lighting
Pages: 9 Size: 357 Kb 
tweet!  Performing Pattern Matching by Using Perl Regular Expressions
  Arthur Li, City of Hope National Medical Center, Duarte, CA
Pages: 12 Size: 150 Kb 
tweet!  An Intersection of Pharma and Medical Devices - Development of Companion Diagnostics in Conjunction with Targeted Therapies
  Carey G. Smoak, Portola Pharmaceuticals, South San Francisco, CA
Pages: 4 Size: 335 Kb 
tweet!  Go Compare: Flagging up some underused options in PROC COMPARE
  Michael Auld, Ampersoft Ltd, London, UK
Pages: 14 Size: 776 Kb 
tweet!  DOSUBL and the Function Style Macro
  John Henry King, Ouachita Clinical Data Services, Inc. Caddo Gap, AK
Pages: 6 Size: 456 Kb 
tweet!  Superior Highlighting: Identifying New or Changed Data in Excel Output using SAS®
  Kim Truett, KCT Data, Inc., Alpharetta, GA
Keywords: SAS highlighting CALL DEFINE Excel
Pages: 8 Size: 156 Kb 
Best Paper
tweet!  Meaningful Presentation of Clinical Trial Data with Multiple Y-Axes Graph
  Mina Chen, Roche Product Development in Asia Pacific, Shanghai, China
Pages: 5 Size: 141 Kb 
tweet!  Novel Programming Methods for Change from Baseline Calculations
  Mina Chen, Roche Product Development in Asia Pacific, Shanghai, China; Peter Eberhardt, Fernwood Consulting Group Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada
Keywords: hash baseline visitdata clinical trials diagnostic iterator
Pages: 7 Size: 919 Kb 
tweet!  I Object: SAS® Does Objects with DS2
  Peter Eberhardt, Fernwood Consulting Group Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada; Xue Yao, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Keywords: DS2 Object Oriented data types methods packages
Pages: 27 Size: 917 Kb 
tweet!  Name that Function: Punny Function Names with Multiple MEANings and Why You Do Not Want to be MISSING Out
  Ben Cochran, The Bedford Group, Raleigh, NC; Arthur L. Carpenter, California Occidental Consultants, Anchorage, AK
Keywords: DATA step Functions Routines
Pages: 10 Size: 272 Kb 
tweet!  Surviving the SAS® Macro Jungle by Using Your Own Programming Toolkit
  Kevin Russell, SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC
Keywords: DOSUBL function, stored compiled macro facility, macro debugging system options, CALL SYMPUTX routine, comments within a macro definition, %PUT statement, MFILE system option, read-only macro varia ...
Pages: 16 Size: 125 Kb 
tweet!  Preparing the Data to Ensure Correct Calculation of Relative Risk
  Ravi Kankipati, Seattle Genetics, Inc., Bothell, WA; Abhilash Chimbirithy, Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, NJ
Pages: 13 Size: 217 Kb 
tweet!  The Power of Data Access Functions: An example with Dataset-XML Creation
  Joseph Hinson, inVentiv Health, Princeton, NJ
Keywords: SCL Data Access Functions Dataset-XML XML
Pages: 9 Size: 284 Kb 
tweet!  Macro to get data from specific cutoff period
  Kiranmai Byrichetti, SCRI, Nashville, TN; Jeffrey Johnson, SCRI, Nashville, TN
Keywords: macro
Pages: 11 Size: 375 Kb 
Best Paper
tweet!  The Impact of Change from wlatin1 to UTF-8 Encoding in SAS Environment
  Hui Song, PRA Health Sciences, Blue Bell, PA; Anja Koster, PRA Health Sciences, Zuidlaren, The Netherlands
Pages: 12 Size: 159 Kb 
tweet!  UTF What? A Guide to Using UTF-8 Encoded Data in a SDTM Submission
  Michael Stackhouse, Chiltern, Cary, NC
Keywords: UTF-8 transcoding error encoding CDISC
Pages: 10 Size: 428 Kb 

Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group 2015   May 17-20, 2015 - Orlando, Florida

Beyond the Basics
tweet!  The Knight’s Tour in Chess – Implementing a Heuristic Solution
  John R Gerlach, DataCeutics, Inc., Cape Coral, FL
Keywords: SAS Chess Knight's Tour
Pages: 8 Size: 447 Kb 
tweet!  A New Era: Open access to clinical Trial Data - A case study
  Aruna Kumari Panchumarthi, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, EH, NJ, USA; Jacques Lanoue, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, East Hanover, NJ, USA
Pages: 6 Size: 310 Kb 
tweet!  A Toolkit to Create a Dynamic Excel Format Metadata to Assist SDTM Mapping Process
  Huei-Ling Chen, HLC Analytics Inc., Edison, NJ; Helen Wang, Sanofi, Bridgewater, NJ
Keywords: CDISC
Pages: 11 Size: 673 Kb 
tweet!  Process and Programming Challenges in Producing Define.xml
  Mike Molter, d-Wise, Morrisville, NC
Keywords: CDISC xml
Pages: 13 Size: 286 Kb 
tweet!  A Methodology of Laboratory Data Reporting of Potentially Clinical Significant Abnormality (PCSA) for Clinical Study Report
  Xiangchen (Bob) Cui, Alkermes, Inc, Waltham, MA; Min Chen, Alkermes, Inc, Waltham, MA
Pages: 21 Size: 612 Kb 
tweet!  Implementing Union-Find Algorithm with Base SAS DATA Steps and Macro Functions
  Chaoxian Cai, AFS, Exton, PA
Keywords: Union-Find grouping disjoint set connected components macros
Pages: 11 Size: 1083 Kb 
tweet!  Is Your Failed Macro Due To Misjudged “Timing”?
  Arthur Li, City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center, Duarte, CA
Keywords: macro
Pages: 22 Size: 1396 Kb 
tweet!  Things Are Not Always What They Look Like: PROC FORMAT in Action
  Peter Eberhardt, Fernwood Consulting Group Inc, Toronto, Canada; Lucheng Shao, Ivantis Inc, Irvine, CA, USA
Keywords: format multilabel lookup fcmp cntlin cntlout
Pages: 23 Size: 532 Kb 
tweet!  Generic Macros for Data Mapping
  Qian Zhao, J&J Consumer Companies, Inc., Morris Plains, NJ; Jun (John) Wang, J&J Consumer China Ltd, Shanghai, China; Ruofei Hao, J&J Consumer Companies, Inc., Morris Plains, NJ
Keywords: macro
Pages: 9 Size: 400 Kb 
tweet!  A Unique Way to Annotate Case Report Forms (CRFs) in PDF, Using Forms Data Format (FDF) Techniques
  Boxun Zhang, Seattle Genetics Inc., Bothell, WA; Tyler Kelly, Seattle Genetics Inc., Bothell, WA
Keywords: SAS CRFs aCRFs Annotation FDF PDF SAS COMPGED
Pages: 6 Size: 472 Kb 
tweet!  Perl Regular Expression in SAS® Applications
  Yang Wang, Seattle Genetics, Inc., Bothell, WA; Abdul Ghouse, Seattle Genetics, Inc., Bothell, WA
Pages: 7 Size: 365 Kb 
tweet!  Creating Data-Driven SAS® Code with CALL EXECUTE
  Hui Wang, Biogen, Cambridge, MA
Keywords: CALL EXECUTE Data-Driven Programming
Pages: 8 Size: 706 Kb 
tweet!  Unpacking an Excel Cell: Dealing with Multi-Line Excel Cells in SAS
  Lucheng Shao, Ivantis Inc., Irvine, CA
Pages: 10 Size: 611 Kb 
tweet!  Fresh Cup of Joe: Utilizing Java to automate Define.XML for SDTM Origin mapping from SAS® aCRF PDFs
  Tony Cardozo, Theorem Clinical Research, King of Prussia, PA
Keywords: SAS Annotations Java Automation CDISC xml
Pages: 9 Size: 187 Kb 
Best Paper
tweet!  Not Just Merge - Complex Derivation Made Easy by Hash Object
  Lu Zhang, PPD, Beijing, China
Pages: 5 Size: 330 Kb 
Clinical Trials Analysis Driven by CDISC Data Standards
  Kelci Miclaus, JMP
Keywords: CDISC
tweet!  Macro Programming Best Practices: Styles, Guidelines and Conventions Including the Rationale Behind Them
  Don Henderson, Henderson Consulting Services, Olney, MD; Art Carpenter, California Occidental Consultants, Anchorage, AK
Keywords: macro
Pages: 1 Size: 102 Kb 

Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group 2014   June 1-4, 2014 - San Diego, California

Beyond the Basics
tweet!  Indexing: A powerful technique for improving efficiency
  Arun Raj Vidhyadharan, inVentiv Health, Somerset, NJ; Sunil Mohan Jairath, inVentiv Health, Somerset, NJ
Keywords: Abstract
Pages: 9 Size: 173 Kb 
tweet!  Understanding and Applying the Logic of the DOW-Loop
  Arthur Li, City of Hope National Medical Center, Duarte, CA
Keywords: Loop DOW DATA step
Pages: 12 Size: 170 Kb 
tweet!  That SAS®sy Lab Data
  Amie Bissonett, inVentiv Health Clinical, Minneapolis, MN
Keywords: Laboratory lab central lab local lab
Pages: 6 Size: 75 Kb 
tweet!  D is for Dynamic, putting Dynamic back into CDISC (A simple macro utilizing PROC SQL which auto-formats continuous variables for lab tables)
  Steven Black, SynteractHCR, Carlsbad, CA
Keywords: PROC SQL MACO Language SAS functions CDISC Paramn AVAL macro
Pages: 9 Size: 81 Kb 
tweet!  I Object: SAS® Does Objects with DS2
  Peter Eberhardt, Fernwood Consulting Group Inc., Toronto, ON; Xue Yao, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Winnipeg, MB
Keywords: DS2 object oriented parallel HPA performance macro methods functions data types
Pages: 29 Size: 202 Kb 
Best Paper
tweet!  Five Ways to Flip-Flop Your Data
  Joshua M. Horstman, Nested Loop Consulting, Indianapolis, IN
Pages: 9 Size: 153 Kb 
Best Paper
tweet!  Express Yourself! Regular Expressions vs SAS Text String Functions
  Spencer Childress, Rho®, Inc., Chapel Hill, NC
Keywords: regular expression regex prxmatch prxchange sas modifier
Pages: 10 Size: 78 Kb 
tweet!  Using the Power of SAS SQL
  Jessica Wang, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc., Basking Ridge, NJ
Keywords: SQL
Pages: 14 Size: 132 Kb 
tweet!  XML in a SAS® and Pharma World
  Mike Molter, d-Wise, Raleigh, NC
Keywords: XML SAS Tagset Map
Pages: 19 Size: 147 Kb 
tweet!  Basics of Macro Processing - ‘Q’ Way
  Usha Kumar, inVentiv Health Clinical, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Pages: 9 Size: 44 Kb 
tweet!  Kaplan-Meier Survival Plotting Macro %NEWSURV
  Jeffrey Meyers, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
Keywords: Kaplan-Meier Survival Graphics Macro Graph Template Language
Pages: 19 Size: 665 Kb 
tweet!  A SAS® Macro Utility to Modify and Validate RTF Outputs for Regional Analyses
  Jagan Mohan Achi, PPD, Austin, TX; Joshua N. Winters, PPD, Rochester, NY
Keywords: RTF Regional Analysis Book Marks Post Processing macro
Pages: 5 Size: 214 Kb 
tweet!  Atypical Application of PROC SUMMARY
  John Henry King, Ouachita Clinical Data Services, Inc., Caddo Gap, AR
Pages: 14 Size: 977 Kb 
tweet!  Automated Validation – Really?
  Sneha Sarmukadam, inVentiv Health Clinical, Pune, India; Seeja Shetty, inVentiv Health Clinical, Mumbai, India
Pages: 5 Size: 221 Kb 
tweet!  Come Out of Your Shell: A Dynamic Approach to Shell Implementation in Table and Listing Programs
  Paul Burmenko, PRA International, Lenexa, KS; Tony Cardozo, PRA International, Lenexa, KS
Keywords: RTF Perl Regex PRXCHANGE TFL shell table listing
Pages: 13 Size: 572 Kb 
tweet!  Risk-Based Approach to Identifying and Selecting Clinical Sites for Sponsor’s Preparation for FDA/EMA Inspection
  Xiangchen (Bob) Cui, Alkermes, Inc, Waltham, MA
Keywords: Summary Level Clinical Site (SLCS) Data, FDA Submission, Office of Scientific Investigation (OSI), Risk-based Approach, Risk-based Methodology, FDA Inspection, EMA Inspection, Preparation for FDA/E ...
Pages: 21 Size: 868 Kb 
tweet!  Defensive Programming, Avoiding the Big Mistakes
  David Franklin, TheProgrammersCabin.com, Litchfield, NH
Keywords: Defensive Programming
Pages: 11 Size: 290 Kb 
tweet!  Efficient SQL for Pharma… and Other Industries
  Chris Olinger, d-Wise, Morrisville, NC
Keywords: SQL IO Optimizations Code Tricks _METHOD _TREE MAGIC UPDATE ORDER BY Sort Assertions Configuration Options
Pages: 15 Size: 115 Kb 

Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group 2013   May 12-15, 2013 - Chicago, Illinois

Beyond the Basics
Best Paper
tweet!  The Hash of Hashes as a "Russian Doll" Structure: Application to Clinical Adverse Events Data Analysis
  Joseph Hinson, Princeton, NJ
Keywords: Hash Objects
Pages: 12 Size: 451 Kb 
Best Paper
tweet!  The Baker Street Irregulars Investigate: Perl Regular Expressions and CDISC
  Peter Eberhardt, Fernwood Consulting Group Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada; Wei (Wesley) Liu, SAS Research and Development, Beijing, China
Keywords: PERL CDISC ISO 8601 ISO8601 dates regex regular expression
Pages: 18 Size: 117 Kb 
tweet!  Not All Equals are Created Equal: Nonstandard Statement Structures in the DATA Step
  Arthur L. Carpenter, California Occidental Consultants, Anchorage, AK
Keywords: expression assignment statement binary values non-standard
Pages: 10 Size: 500 Kb 
tweet!  Enhancements to Basic Patient Profiles
  Scott Burroughs, GlaxoSmithKline, Research Triangle Park, NC
Keywords: GREPLAY GSLIDE ODS PDF bookmarks
Pages: 11 Size: 334 Kb 
tweet!  OpenCDISC: Beyond Point and Click
  Frank DiIorio, CodeCrafters, Inc., Philadelphia, PA
Keywords: OpenCDISC dataset validation metadata CDISC ADaM SDTM
Pages: 12 Size: 1091 Kb 
tweet!  Doing the hashwork: Using the DATA step hash object to perform common clinical programming chores
  Miles Dunn, Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc., Cheshire, CT
Keywords: Hash object method find check add replace first last next prev
Pages: 9 Size: 250 Kb 
tweet!  Sharpening Your Skills in Reshaping data: PROC TRANSPOSE vs. Array Processing
  Arthur X. Li, City of Hope National Medical Center, Duarte, CA
Keywords: PROC TRANSPOSE array PDV DATA step
Pages: 15 Size: 258 Kb 
tweet!  Coding For the Long Haul With Managed Metadata and Process Parameters
  Mike Molter, d-Wise Technologies, Raleigh, NC
Pages: 20 Size: 228 Kb 
tweet!  Processing MedDRA SMQs: Using Recursive Programming to Handle Hierarchical Data Structures
  Paul Stutzman, Axio Research, Seattle, WA
Keywords: MedDRA SMQ recursive programming
Pages: 7 Size: 454 Kb 
tweet!  Atypical Applications of the UPDATE Statement
  John Henry King, Ouachita Clinical Data Services, Inc., Caddo Gap, AR
Pages: 5 Size: 602 Kb 
tweet!  Four Useful VBA Utilities for SAS® Programmers
  David Franklin, TheProgrammersCabin.com, Litchfield, NH
Keywords: VBA
Pages: 9 Size: 304 Kb 
tweet!  Bayesian Analysis of Survival Data with SAS PHREG Procedure
  Ryan Brady, Texas A&M, College Station, TX
Keywords: Bayesian PHREG Proportional hazards Cox
Pages: 8 Size: 402 Kb 
tweet!  Avoiding SAS Data Set Locks in a Windows Environment
  Brandon Graham, PPD, Wilmington, NC; Scott Osowski, PPD, Wilmington, NC
Pages: 10 Size: 494 Kb 
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