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SAS Conference Proceedings: South-Central SAS Users Group 2017
October 15-17, 2017, Dallas, Texas, 68 papers
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[Original source: http://www.scsug.org/proceedings/2017-papers/]

Regular Session
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Regular Session
tweet!  A Review of Free Massive Open Online Content (MOOC) for SAS® Learners
  Kirk Paul Lafler
Keywords: mooc, massive open online course, massive open online content, sas, worldwide classroom, sas classroom, sas university edition, sas u, support.sas.com, sascommunity, sascommunity.org, youtube, sas ...
Pages: 16 Size: 2256 Kb 
tweet!  An Introduction to PROC REPORT
  Kirk Paul Lafler
Keywords: sas, report, reports, reporting, PROC REPORT, compute block, author, sas press, sas press author, consultant, sas consultant, consulting, sas consulting, programmer, sas programmer, educator, sas e ...
Pages: 21 Size: 1020 Kb 
tweet!  Analysis of the effects of financial parameters on GDP and poverty using panel data analysis.
  Akshay Arora
Pages: 13 Size: 898 Kb 
tweet!  Analysis On Epipen Tweets During Crisis Situations
  Dr. Goutam Chakraborty; Dr. Miriam McGaugh; Dr. Josh Weiner
Pages: 14 Size: 1226 Kb 
tweet!  Analyzing Theft Occurrences In Chicago Using Sas Enterprise Miner 14.1
  Shikha Prasad; Kunal Parekh; Dr. Goutam Chakraborty; Dr. Miriam McGaugh
Pages: 10 Size: 972 Kb 
tweet!  Apple Or Samsung? Which Phone Should I Buy? Sentiment Analysis Utilizing Customer Reviews On Unlocked Iphone And Samsung Galaxy
  Rosie Nguyen; Nandan Moza; Dr. Goutam Chakraborty; Dr. Miriam McGaugh
Pages: 14 Size: 1292 Kb 
tweet!  Arrays: Know When To Hold Them, Know When To Fold Them
  Patricia Hettinger
Pages: 14 Size: 580 Kb 
Assessing Software Risk and Technical Debt Through Standardized Symbology and Automatic Parsing, Analysis, and Documentation of SAS® Programs and SAS Enterprise Guide Projects
  Troy Martin Hughes
tweet!  Building a Better Dashboard Using SAS® Base Software
  Kirk Paul Lafler; Josh Horstman; Roger Muller
Keywords: sas, dashboard, dashboards, interactive dashboards, drill-down, drill-down dashboards, histogram, hbar chart, vbar chart, pie chart, sgplot, sgscatter, sgpanel, sgrender, sas author, sas press, sas ...
Pages: 21 Size: 893 Kb 
tweet!  Classifying And Predicting Spam Messages Using Text Mining In Sas® Enterprise Miner?
  Venkata Kondamudi; Sai Mounika; Balamurugan Mohan
Pages: 14 Size: 864 Kb 
tweet!  Data Analysis and Storytelling? Communicating Analytical Results with Clarity, Precision and Efficiency
  Kirk Paul Lafler
Keywords: sas, data analysis, analytics, narrative, data narrative, storytelling, author, sas author, sas press, sas press author, consultant, sas consultant, consulting, sas consulting, trainer, sas trainer ...
Pages: 10 Size: 887 Kb 
tweet!  Differentiate Yourself
  Kirk Paul Lafler
Keywords: sas, differentiate, skills, volunteer, mooc, massive open online course, massive open online content, worldwide classroom, sas classroom, sas university edition, sas u, support.sas.com, sascommunit ...
Pages: 20 Size: 2568 Kb 
tweet!  Domo Arigato SAS®: Turn Your PC Into A BASE SAS® Robot
  Michael McCarthy
Pages: 4 Size: 272 Kb 
tweet!  Don't Fear The Network: Beat A Slow Network With Data Content Maps
  Michael McCarthy
Pages: 12 Size: 456 Kb 
tweet!  Enabling Transitions of Care with SAS
  Chris Schacherer
Keywords: healthcare population health analytics value based care
Pages: 12 Size: 500 Kb 
tweet!  Enhancement Of Clinical Decision Making Using Predictive Modeling
  Archana Chinnaswamy
Pages: 9 Size: 426 Kb 
Examining Career Paths: Being Proactive as a SAS Professional
  Georgeanna N. Curbo
Fighting Terrorism with Data Sciences & Algorithms
  Ciril Achenkunju
From FREQing Slow to FREQing Fast: Facilitating a Five-Times-Faster FREQ with Divide-and-Conquer Parallel Processing
  Troy Martin Hughes
tweet!  From Researcher to Programmer: 5 SAS Tips I Wished I Knew Then
  Crystal Carel, MPH
Pages: 5 Size: 81 Kb 
tweet!  Fuzzy Matching Programming Techniques Using SAS® Software
  Kirk Paul Lafler; Stephen Sloan
Keywords: sas, matching, fuzzy matching, SAS functions, compare, compged, complev, spedis, author, sas author, sas press, sas press author, consultant, sas consultant, consulting, sas consulting, trainer, sa ...
Pages: 25 Size: 1340 Kb 
Generating Reliable Population Rates Using SAS® Software
  Jack N. Shoemaker
tweet!  Google® Searches for the Inquiring SAS® User
  Kirk Paul Lafler
Keywords: Google, google search, web search, internet search, Google Search Complete!, SAS, JMP, scsug 2014, search, search tips, search techniques, tips, techniques, consultant, sas consultant, consulting, ...
Pages: 6 Size: 743 Kb 
tweet!  H1B- Visa Petitions Trend and Forecast
  Shubham Panat
Pages: 12 Size: 813 Kb 
tweet!  I Didn't Know You Could Do That! Revelations From The Advanced Sas Certification Exam
  Patricia Hettinger
Pages: 9 Size: 349 Kb 
tweet!  Life Expectancy Tables – Getting SAS to run the hard math
  Anna Vincent; Suting Zheng
Pages: 8 Size: 620 Kb 
tweet!  Make it a Date!: Setting up a Master Date View
  Crystal Carel, MPH
Pages: 10 Size: 72 Kb 
Object Oriented Programming with SAS Via PROC DS2
  Dari Mazloom
tweet!  One-to-One, One-to-Many, and Many-to-Many Joins Using PROC SQL
  Charu Shankar; Kirk Paul Lafler
Keywords: SAS, SQL, PROC SQL, sql basics, proc sql basics, intro sql, intro proc sql, quick results sql, quick results proc sql, query, sql query, case expression, case sql, view, join, sql join, join sql, i ...
Pages: 19 Size: 1546 Kb 
Pinching Off Your SAS® Log: Overcoming Lengthy Logs To Facilitate Real Time Log Parsing, Analysis, and Dynamic, Data-Driven Design in Program Flow and Execution
  Troy Martin Hughes
tweet!  Prediction of Used Cars? Prices by Using SAS EM
  Jaideep Muley; Vijay Kumar Movva
Pages: 12 Size: 1008 Kb 
tweet!  Predictive Analysis for Classifying Type 2 Diabetes Patients Using SAS Enterprise Miner 14.1 and SAS Enterprise Guide 7.1
  Saurabh Sanjayrao Kokad
Pages: 10 Size: 549 Kb 
Preserving Your SAS Environment in a Non-Persistent EG World
  Steven Gross
PROC PRESENV – A More Detailed Look
  Steven Gross
tweet!  Pruning the SASLOG – Digging into the Roots of NOTEs, WARNINGs, and ERRORs
  Andy Kuligowski
Pages: 10 Size: 309 Kb 
Pushing past the Visual Programming Aspect of SAS
  Georgeanna N. Curbo
tweet!  Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Data Right Over: Exploring External Geographic Data Sources with SAS®
  Louise S. Hadden
Pages: 9 Size: 437 Kb 
tweet!  Removing Duplicates Using SAS®
  Kirk Paul Lafler
Keywords: sas, duplicates, removing duplicates, removing duplicate observations in sas, author, sas author, sas press, sas press author, consultant, sas consultant, consulting, sas consulting, trainer, sas t ...
Pages: 9 Size: 660 Kb 
tweet!  Risk Based Monitoring (RBM) with SAS Visual Analytics
  Prasoon Sangwan; Piyush SIngh; Faraz Khan
Pages: 10 Size: 592 Kb 
SAS Grid Platform Suite Service Automation
  Piyush K Singh (TCS); Prasoon Sangwan (TCS); Ghiyasuddin M Khan
tweet!  SAS® vs Python – How Do They Compare?
  Daniel R. Bretheim
Pages: 18 Size: 448 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Grid Job Search Performance
  Piyush K Singh (TCS); Prasoon Sangwan (TCS); Ghiyasuddin M Khan
Pages: 7 Size: 395 Kb 
tweet!  Sentiment Analysis on YouTube Movie Trailer comments to determine the impact on Box-Office Earnings
  Rishanki Jain
Pages: 9 Size: 1293 Kb 
tweet!  Snail Mail to Emails: Generating Auto-Emails from SAS® with Attachments
  Crystal Carel, MPH
Pages: 7 Size: 134 Kb 
Sparse Matrices
  Lisa Mendez; Andy Kuligowski
tweet!  Text Mining on Donor's Conversation with Solicitors
  Harsh Gupta
Pages: 12 Size: 656 Kb 
The Advantages of SAS Certification: Feedback from the Trenches
  Georgeanna N. Curbo
tweet!  The Cox Hazard Model for Claims Data
  Berestizhevsky Samuel; Kolosova Tanya
Pages: 17 Size: 1426 Kb 
tweet!  The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly about Reading Data
  Toby Dunn; Kirk Paul Lafler
Keywords: SAS, reading raw data, reading data, reading messy data, INFILE statement, INFILE, INPUT, INPUT statement, List style, Column style, Formatted style, Named style, @, @@, trailing at-sign, @-sign, d ...
Pages: 12 Size: 632 Kb 
tweet!  The True Price for your House
  Mettilda Kaimathuruth; Dr. Goutam Chakraborty
Pages: 15 Size: 625 Kb 
tweet!  Three Great Reasons to Use the SAS® ODS Excel® Destination
  Kirk Paul Lafler
Keywords: SAS, ODS, Output Delivery System, Excel, ODS Excel, Excel, %DS2CSV macro, %DS2CSV, author, sas press, sas press author, consultant, sas consultant, sql, sql consultant, Lafler, Kirk Lafler, Kirk Pa ...
Pages: 26 Size: 1533 Kb 
tweet!  Tips, Techniques and Examples for Modernizing SAS® Legacy Application Program Code
  Kirk Paul Lafler; Clark Roberts
Keywords: sas modernizing sas modernizing legacy sas legacy sas sas efficiency sas performance author sas press author Lafler Kirk Paul Lafler sasNerd
Pages: 50 Size: 1844 Kb 
tweet!  Top Ten SAS® Performance Tuning Techniques
  Kirk Paul Lafler
Keywords: SAS, performance tuning, CPU, I/O, Memory, Storage, efficiency, sas efficiency, programming efficiency, Programming Time, author, sas author, SAS Press, SAS Press author, educator, trainer, sas tra ...
Pages: 12 Size: 999 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS® Enterprise Miner for Categorization of Customer Comments to Improve Services at the U.S. Postal Service
  Olayemi Olatunji
Pages: 8 Size: 521 Kb 
Where do the hop-heads go? An ultimate data-driven guide to U.S craft beers.
  T Linyi; S Anuashuka
tweet!  Which smartphone would you choose?
  Mohana Krishna; Chaitanya Korlepara; Dr. Miriam Mcgaugh; Dr. Goutam Chakraborty
Pages: 15 Size: 808 Kb 
tweet!  Zero My Hero!
  Anna Vincent
Pages: 8 Size: 386 Kb 
SAS Presents
tweet!  A Guru's Guide: Producing Section 508-Compliant Custom Reports with the Output Delivery System
  Dan O'Connor
Pages: 10 Size: 185 Kb 
The Future of Transpose: How SAS is Rebuilding its Foundation by Making What is Old New Again
  Scott Mebust
tweet!  A Ringside Seat: The ODS Excel Destination versus the ODS ExcelXP Tagset
  Chevell Parker
Pages: 32 Size: 1369 Kb 
tweet!  Use Machine Learning to Discover your Rules
  David Duling
Pages: 10 Size: 467 Kb 
Penalized Regression Methods in SAS/STAT
  Gordon Brown
Preparing for the SAS Base Programming Certification Exam
  Lorilyn Russell
SAS Super Demo
ODS HTML5 in the Fourth Maintenance Release for SAS® 9.4
  Chevell Parker
SAS 9.4 ODS in a Nutshell
  Dan O'Connor
What is new in SAS/STAT 14.2
  Gordon Brown
The HPGENSELECT Procedure: Model Selection for Generalized Linear Models
  Gordon Brown
The Future of SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Studio
  Lorilyn Russell
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