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NESUG proceedings: Foundations and Fundamentals, 85 papers

Northeast SAS Users Group 2013   September 8-11, 2013 - Burlington, Vermont

Foundations and Fundamentals
tweet!  Making Sense of PROC TABULATE
  Jonas Bilenas, Barclays UK&E RBB
Keywords: tabulate
Pages: 15 Size: 84 Kb 
tweet!  A Survey of Some of the Most Useful SAS® Functions
  Ron Cody, None
Pages: 16 Size: 276 Kb 
tweet!  A Quick View of SAS Views
  Elizabeth Axelrod, Abt Associates Inc.
Pages: 7 Size: 624 Kb 
tweet!  Nearly Instant SAS® Programming
  Michael Davis, Health Market Science, Inc.
Pages: 12 Size: 113 Kb 
tweet!  The Basics of Using the SAS® Excel Add-in
  Jennifer Davies, Z Inc
Pages: 14 Size: 688 Kb 
tweet!  A Many to Many Merge, Without SQL?
  David Franklin, TheProgrammersCabin.com
Pages: 4 Size: 133 Kb 
tweet!  Navigating the data universe aboard the Starship Enterprise Guide
  Jay Iyengar, Indepenent Contractor; Kirk Lafler, Software Intelligence Corporation
Pages: 10 Size: 1320 Kb 
tweet!  Community Research Fellows Training Program Evaluation: Using SAS to Analyze Pre- and Post-Test Data
  Sarah A. Lyons, Washington University in St. Louis; Melody S. Goodman, Washington University in St. Louis
Pages: 6 Size: 415 Kb 
tweet!  Macro Basics for New SAS® Users
  Cynthia Zender, SAS
Keywords: macro
Pages: 26 Size: 1170 Kb 
tweet!  PROC TRANSPOSE® For Fun And Profit
  John Cohen, Advanced Data Concepts, LLC
Pages: 18 Size: 1050 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 2012   November 11-14, 2012 - Baltimore, Maryland

Programming: Foundations and Fundamentals
tweet!  Long-to-Wide: PROC TRANSPOSE vs Arrays vs PROC SUMMARY
  Mike Zdeb, U@Albany School of Public Health
Keywords: array
Pages: 14 Size: 502 Kb 
tweet!  Let SAS/SHARE® Deliver Formatted Data to Microsoft Office
  Hsiwei Yu, Custom Software Systems; Tao Dong, Pragmatics
Pages: 10 Size: 841 Kb 
tweet!  A Survey of Some of the Most Useful SAS® Functions
  Ron Cody
Pages: 16 Size: 116 Kb 
tweet!  Loop-Do-Loop Around Arrays
  Wendi Wright, CTB McGraw-Hill
Keywords: array
Pages: 17 Size: 120 Kb 
tweet!  Creating a Data Dictionary for an Oracle Database Using SAS® 9.3
  Christopher Battiston, Hospital for Sick Children
Pages: 8 Size: 319 Kb 
tweet!  Rediscovering the DATA _NULL_ for Creating a Report, and Putting That Text File into RTF in a Single DATA Step
  David Franklin, TheProgrammersCabin.com
Pages: 14 Size: 245 Kb 
tweet!  Imputing Endpoints after Collapsing Longitudinal Data across Related Events
  James Joseph, INC Research
Pages: 11 Size: 468 Kb 
tweet!  How to Monitor Production and Development Processing Using the SAS® Logging Facility
  Curtis Reid, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Pages: 15 Size: 253 Kb 
tweet!  Integrating SAS® and Excel: An Overview and Comparison of Three Methods for Using SAS to Create and Access Data in Excel
  Nathan Clausen, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; Edmond Cheng, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Keywords: SAS Excel PROC EXPORT ExcelXP tagset Excel Libname
Pages: 14 Size: 554 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 37 Kb)
tweet!  You Want ME to use SAS® Enterprise Guide®??
  Vince DelGobbo, SAS Institute Inc.
Keywords: Enterprise Guide®
Pages: 1 Size: 51 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 2010   November 14-17, 2010 - Baltimore, Maryland

Foundations and Fundamentals
tweet!  Automatically Converting Character Variables That Store Numbers to Numeric Variables
  Christopher J. Bost, MDRC
Pages: 13 Size: 66 Kb 
tweet!  Reading MORE Difficult Raw Data
  Matthew Cohen, Wharton Research Data Services
Pages: 9 Size: 338 Kb 
tweet!  Building the Better Macro: Best Practices for the Design of Reliable, Effective Tools
  Frank DiIorio, CodeCrafters, Inc
Keywords: macro
Pages: 16 Size: 202 Kb 
tweet!  Non Printable & Special Characters: Problems and how to overcome them
  Sridhar R. Dodlapati, i3 Statprobe; Praveen Lakkaraju, Bristol Myers Squibb; Naresh Tulluru, Neumeric Technologies Corp; Zemin Zeng, Forest Lab
Pages: 13 Size: 201 Kb 
tweet!  Super Simple Macros to Make a Statistician's Life Simpler
  Peter L. Flom, Peter Flom Consulting, Inc
Keywords: Macros Simple Statistics
Pages: 5 Size: 100 Kb 
tweet!  Introduction to Character String Functions
  Jason Ford, United States Bureau of Labor Statistics
Pages: 12 Size: 330 Kb 
tweet!  SAS® Code and Macros: How They Interact
  Bruce F. Gilsen, Federal Reserve Board
Keywords: macro
Pages: 10 Size: 40 Kb 
tweet!  SAS® Enhanced Editor: Efficient Techniques
  Kathy Harkins, Merck and Company
Pages: 15 Size: 768 Kb 
tweet!  SAS® System Options: The True Heroes of Macro Debugging
  Kevin Russell, SAS; Russ Tyndall, SAS
Keywords: macro
Pages: 12 Size: 71 Kb 
tweet!  How to Think Through the SAS® DATA Step
  Ian Whitlock, Whitlock Consulting
Pages: 17 Size: 233 Kb 
tweet!  PROC COMPARE - Worth Another Look!
  Christianna S. Williams, Independent Consultant
Pages: 26 Size: 371 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 43 Kb)
tweet!  Using the SAS Explorer Window
  Nat Wooding, Hallsboro Systems Consulting
Pages: 15 Size: 1840 Kb 
tweet!  How to Create an XML Map with the XML Mapper
  Wendi L. Wright, CTB McGraw-Hill
Keywords: xml
Pages: 11 Size: 202 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS/AF® to Create an Interactive Interface for Entering and Analyzing Data
  William 'Gui' Zupko II, US Census Bureau
Keywords: af
Pages: 22 Size: 745 Kb 
tweet!  The Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) as a Standard: Beyond the Documentation
  Dianne Louise Rhodes, Connect, International
Pages: 5 Size: 220 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 2009   September 13-16, 2009 - Burlington, Vermont

Foundations and Fundamentals
tweet!  SAS® EG Options: Let the Tools Work for You
  Susan M. Jumper, Highmark, Inc.; Harsha M. Kotian, Highmark Inc
Pages: 20 Size: 1623 Kb 
tweet!  Aggregation without aggravation: determining spatial contiguity and joining geographic areas using hashing
  Gwen D. Babcock, New York State Department of Health
Pages: 17 Size: 584 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 39 Kb)
tweet!  Using DATA STEP MERGE and PROC SQL JOIN to Combine SAS® Datasets
  Dalia C. Kahane, Westat
Keywords: SQL
Pages: 15 Size: 239 Kb 
tweet!  Searching for Variable Values with CAT Functions: An Alternative to Arrays and Loops
  Mike S. Zdeb, U@Albany School of Public Health
Keywords: array
Pages: 9 Size: 52 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 2 Kb)
tweet!  Enterprise Guide®: Tips for Programmers
  John D. Chapman, Markcelian Analytics, Inc.; Mark Chapman, Markcelian Analytics, Inc.
Pages: 10 Size: 823 Kb 
tweet!  A Tutorial on the SAS® Macro Language
  John J. Cohen
Keywords: macro
Pages: 7 Size: 46 Kb 
tweet!  SAS® Formats: Effective and Efficient
  Harry Droogendyk, Stratia Consulting Inc
Pages: 16 Size: 103 Kb 
tweet!  Going Postal - automating distribution of formatted reports using base SAS®
  Tracy DeCanio, The Nature Conservancy; John Blackwell, The Nature Conservancy
Pages: 5 Size: 49 Kb 
tweet!  Let SAS Abbreviations® help answer the question "How did I do that the Last Time?"
  Kathy Harkins, Merck and Company; Mary Anne Rutkowski, Merck & Co.
Pages: 6 Size: 130 Kb 
tweet!  Please don't Merge without By !!
  Monal Kohli, Morgan Stanley
Pages: 11 Size: 108 Kb 
tweet!  Building the Better Macro: Best Practices for the Design of Reliable, Effective Tools
  Frank DiIorio, CodeCrafters, Inc
Keywords: macro
Pages: 16 Size: 205 Kb 
tweet!  SAS® and Unix: Getting Started
  Sara Hickson, Channing Laboratory
Pages: 10 Size: 321 Kb 
tweet!  When Good Looks Aren't Enough
  Lisa Eckler, Lisa Eckler Consulting Inc.
Pages: 11 Size: 97 Kb 
tweet!  Ad Hoc Data Preparation for Analysis Using SAS® Enterprise Guide®
  I-Kong Fu, SAS Institute
Pages: 11 Size: 329 Kb 
tweet!  The Building Blocks of SAS® Datasets - S-M-U (Set, Merge, and Update)
  Andrew Kuligowski, FCCI Insurance Group
Pages: 13 Size: 346 Kb 
tweet!  A Row is a Row is a Row, or is it? Get Comfortable with Transposing your Data
  Christianna Williams, ABT Associates Inc.
Pages: 12 Size: 222 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 2008   September 14-17, 2008 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Foundations and Fundamentals
tweet!  Reading Difficult Raw Data
  Matthew Cohen, Wharton Research Data Services
Pages: 7 Size: 60 Kb 
tweet!  Tales from the Help Desk 4: Still More Solutions for Common SAS® Mistakes
  Bruce F. Gilsen, Federal Reserve Board
Pages: 8 Size: 39 Kb 
tweet!  Using Data Step MERGE and Proc SQL JOIN to Combine SAS® Datasets
  Dalia C. Kahane, Westat
Keywords: SQL
Pages: 15 Size: 101 Kb 
tweet!  SAS® Macro Programming Tips and Techniques
  Kirk P. Lafler, Software Intelligence Corporation
Keywords: macro
Pages: 8 Size: 211 Kb 
tweet!  The SAS Data Step: Where Your Input Matters
  Peter Eberhardt, Fernwood Consulting Group Inc
Pages: 18 Size: 100 Kb 
tweet!  Guido's Guide to PROC MEANS - A Tutorial for Beginners Using the SAS® System
  Joseph J. Guido, University of Rochester Medical Center
Pages: 11 Size: 68 Kb 
tweet!  Is .1+.2 equal to .3?
  Shaoji Xu, Pro Unlimited
Pages: 13 Size: 115 Kb 
tweet!  Using SAS to Parse External Data
  Andrew T. Kuligowski, The Nielsen Company
Pages: 14 Size: 253 Kb 
tweet!  An Animated Guide: Using the Put and INput functions
  Russ M. Lavery, Self
Pages: 10 Size: 69 Kb 
tweet!  A PROC SQL Primer
  Matthew Taylor, Carolina Analytical Consulting, LLC
Keywords: SQL
Pages: 11 Size: 181 Kb 
tweet!  Building the Better Macro: Best Practices for the Design of Reliable, Effective Tools
  Frank DiIorio, CodeCrafters, Inc
Keywords: macro
Pages: 16 Size: 154 Kb 
tweet!  10 Things a Beginner Should Know Before Writing a SAS® Program
  Lisa Eckler, Lisa Eckler Consulting Inc.
Pages: 10 Size: 113 Kb 
tweet!  Top Ten Reasons to Switch to Enterprise Guide (Say Goodbye to PC SAS)
  Heather Y. Seeno, Highmark, Inc.
Pages: 15 Size: 716 Kb 
tweet!  A Sampler of What's New in Base SAS® 9.2
  Jason Secosky, SAS Institute
Pages: 15 Size: 319 Kb 
tweet!  Find Out What You're Missing: SAS® Enterprise Guide® for SAS Programmers
  Bill J. Gibson, SAS; Chris Hemedinger, SAS
Pages: 11 Size: 259 Kb 

Northeast SAS Users Group 2007   November 11-14, 2007 - Baltimore, Maryland

Foundations and Fundamentals
tweet!  Using Dates and Times - A Tutorial
  Jonas Bilenas, JP Morgan Chase Bank
Pages: 10 Size: 91 Kb 
tweet!  Metadata 101: A Beginner's Guide to Table-Driven Applications Programming
  Frank DiIorio, CodeCrafters, Inc
Pages: 11 Size: 231 Kb 
tweet!  Hash Crash and Beyond
  Paul Dorfman, Paul Dorfman Consulting; Lessia Shajenko, Bank of America
Pages: 25 Size: 327 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 9 Kb)
tweet!  10 Things a Beginner Should Know Before Writing a SAS® Program
  Lisa Eckler, Lisa Eckler Consulting Inc.
Pages: 7 Size: 88 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 3 Kb)
tweet!  So Now You're Using PROC REPORT - Is It Pretty and Automated?
  Daphne Ewing, Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Ray Pass, Ray Pass Consulting
Pages: 14 Size: 100 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 10 Kb)
tweet!  Using Data Set Values and Variable Names Outside of the DATA Step
  Bruce Gilsen, Federal Reserve Board
Pages: 15 Size: 76 Kb 
tweet!  Guido's Guide to PROC FREQ - A Tutorial for Beginners Using the SAS® System
  Joseph Guido, University of Rochester Medical Center
Pages: 16 Size: 243 Kb 
tweet!  Summing with SAS®
  Tatiana Homonoff, MDRC
Pages: 12 Size: 84 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Indexes: Faster Processing of Large Categorical Databases Like BRFSS
  Prashant Mittal, University of Southern Maine
Pages: 8 Size: 105 Kb 
tweet!  So You're Still Not Using PROC REPORT. Why Not?
  Ray Pass, Ray Pass Consulting; Daphne Ewing, Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Keywords: proc report
Pages: 13 Size: 206 Kb 
tweet!  Creating ActiveX Graphs for Presentations Using SAS® Enterprise Guide® and Drill-Down Graphs Too
  Terek Peterson, Shire; Robert Gordon, Cephalon, Inc.
Pages: 10 Size: 584 Kb 
tweet!  Everyone Needs a Raise (Arrays)
  Marge Scerbo, National Study Center, UMB
Keywords: array
Pages: 11 Size: 138 Kb 
tweet!  The Output Delivery System (ODS) from Scratch
  Darylene Hecht, SAS Institute; Kevin Smith, SAS Institute
Keywords: ods
Pages: 14 Size: 1946 Kb 
tweet!  Taming the PROC TRANSPOSE
  Matthew Taylor, Bank of America
Pages: 5 Size: 34 Kb 
tweet!  The Most Important Efficiency Techniques
  Robert Virgile, Robert Virgile Associates, Inc.
Pages: 11 Size: 58 Kb 
tweet!  Charting the Basics with PROC GCHART
  Perry Watts, Independent Consultant
Pages: 20 Size: 219 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 12 Kb)
tweet!  SAS/GRAPH® for the Timid
  Earl Westerlund, University of Rochester
Pages: 14 Size: 356 Kb    Download the codedownload (.zip, 489 Kb)
tweet!  Formats, Informats and How to Program with Them
  Ian Whitlock
Pages: 14 Size: 206 Kb 
tweet!  The Program Data Vector As an Aid to Data Step Reasoning
  Marianne Whitlock
Pages: 13 Size: 214 Kb 
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