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SAS PharmaSUG proceedings: Formats, 47 papers

Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group 2016   May 8-11, 2016 - Denver, Colorado

tweet!  Color, Rank, Count, Name; Controlling it all in PROC REPORT
  Arthur L. Carpenter, California Occidental Consultants, Anchorage, AK
Keywords: PROC REPORT PROC FORMAT color selection PROC RANK user defined formats traffic lighting
Pages: 9 Size: 357 Kb 
tweet!  Data Validation: Bolstering Quality and Efficiency
  Anusuiya Ghanghas, Novartis Healthcare Private Limited, Hyderabad, India; Houde Zhang, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, East Hanover, NJ; Rajinder Kumar, Novartis Healthcare Private Limited, Hyderabad, India
Keywords: Validation PROC COMPAREV programming mannual check format content cross checking SAS log validation approach TFL
Pages: 3 Size: 285 Kb 
tweet!  Formats and Informats – Concepts and Quick Reference Table
  Emmy Pahmer, inVentiv Health, Montreal, Canada
Keywords: SAS formats informats
Pages: 8 Size: 392 Kb 

Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group 2015   May 17-20, 2015 - Orlando, Florida

tweet!  Things Are Not Always What They Look Like: PROC FORMAT in Action
  Peter Eberhardt, Fernwood Consulting Group Inc, Toronto, Canada; Lucheng Shao, Ivantis Inc, Irvine, CA, USA
Keywords: format multilabel lookup fcmp cntlin cntlout
Pages: 23 Size: 532 Kb 

Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group 2014   June 1-4, 2014 - San Diego, California

tweet!  Atypical Application of PROC SUMMARY
  John Henry King, Ouachita Clinical Data Services, Inc., Caddo Gap, AR
Pages: 14 Size: 977 Kb 
tweet!  How to Keep Multiple Formats in One Variable after Transpose
  Mindy Wang, Independent Consultant, North Potomac, MD
Keywords: Transpose Formats
Pages: 8 Size: 1239 Kb 
tweet!  PRELOADFMT comes to your rescue, it brings missing categories to life in summary reports
  Niraj J. Pandya, Independent Consultant, CT; Ramalaxmareddy Kandimalla, KRL Solutions, CT
Pages: 6 Size: 190 Kb 
tweet!  Give me EVERYTHING! A macro to combine the CONTENTS procedure output and formats
  Lynn Mullins, PPD, Cincinnati, OH
Keywords: macro contents format metadata dictionary
Pages: 6 Size: 202 Kb 

Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group 2013   May 12-15, 2013 - Chicago, Illinois

tweet!  Macro to Conduct Consistency Checks
  Walter H. Hufford, Jr., Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, East Hanover, NJ
Pages: 6 Size: 373 Kb 
tweet!  SQL, HASH Tables, FORMAT and KEY= — More Than One Way to Merge Two Datasets
  David Franklin, TheProgrammersCabin.com, Litchfield, NH
Pages: 5 Size: 158 Kb 

Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group 2012   May 13-16, 2012 - San Francisco, California

tweet!  Formats in another format
  Bettina Ernholt Nielsen, Ferring Pharmaceuticals A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark
Keywords: Formats
Pages: 4 Size: 46 Kb 
tweet!  Harnessing the Power of SAS ISO 8601 Informats, Formats, and the CALL IS8601_CONVERT Routine
  Kim Wilson, SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC, USA
Pages: 15 Size: 82 Kb 
tweet!  Using a Picture Format to Create Visit Windows
  Richann Watson, PharmaNet/i3, Batavia, OH
Keywords: picture format visit windows
Pages: 4 Size: 33 Kb 

Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group 2011   May 8-11, 2011 - Nashville, Tennessee

tweet!  Some Useful Techniques of Proc Format
  Stan Li, Minimax Information Services, Belle Mead, NJ
Keywords: Format Very Large Dataset
Pages: 6 Size: 51 Kb 
tweet!  Create a Format from a SAS® Data Set
  Ruth Marisol Rivera, i3 Statprobe, Mexico City, Mexico
Keywords: Formats
Pages: 7 Size: 136 Kb 
tweet!  Excel Traffic Lighting and Street Paving Simplified
  Steven Black, W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., Flagstaff, AZ
Keywords: ODS Proc Report Proc Template format color excel tagsets xp functions SAS
Pages: 8 Size: 51 Kb 

Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group 2010   May 23-26, 2010 - Orlando, Florida

tweet!  Had a Strange DATE - problem solved. Now as SAS ages will ANYDT do?
  Venky Chakravarthy, BioPharma Data Services
Keywords: informat format anydtdte anydtdtm anydttme anydtxxx
Pages: 5 Size: 46 Kb 

Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group 2008   June 1-4, 2008 - Atlanta, Georgia

Best Paper
tweet!  SmryEachVar: A Data Review Routine For All Data Sets in a Libref
  Ronald Fehd, Centers for Disease Control
Keywords: attribute call execute data review data structure dynamic programming formats includes list processing nrstr routines testing source2 subroutines
Pages: 24 Size: 154 Kb 

Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group 2007   June 3-6, 2007 - Denver, Colorado

tweet!  Reading Format Values From Formats Library and Creating Labels Automatically
  Kalyani Kothapalli, MDS Pharma Services
Keywords: CNTLOUT PROC FORMAT Adverse event severity relationship
Pages: 4 Size: 149 Kb 
tweet!  PROC FORMAT Advanced Techniques: Multi-label and Nested Formats
  Tatiana A Nevmyrych, PPD; Jennifer Clark, Associate Programming Manager
Keywords: proc format multi-label format nested format
Pages: 4 Size: 168 Kb 
tweet!  How to Achieve Highlight and Font Color Change in a Cell?
  Bella Feng, Amgen Inc.
Keywords: ODS Proc Report Proc Format ODS Proc Report Proc Format
Pages: 3 Size: 185 Kb 
tweet!  Format as Macro Parameter: A Design Pattern for Writing Generic Macro Applications with Lean Interfaces
  Lei Zhang, Celgene Corporation; Kenton Wride, Celgene Corporation
Keywords: Design pattern macro application composite parameter programming pattern programming interface formats as parameter FAMP nested format pass-by-format VARARG
Pages: 9 Size: 115 Kb 

Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group 2006   May 21-24, 2006 - Bonita Springs, Florida

tweet!  Get your SAS in gear - Automate the Production of Analysis Datasets
  Liz R. Taylor, Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Keywords: Analysis Formats Decodes
Pages: 10 Size: 62 Kb 
tweet!  Convert Oracle Database to SAS Data Sets, a Novel Approach
  Fuping Peng, Eisai Medical Research
Keywords: SASHELP Format macro Oracle System Table
Pages: 4 Size: 51 Kb 
tweet!  Dynamic Drill Down Based On Numeric Data
  Hsiwei Yu, Ming Tech; Dong-Min Shen, Schering-Plough Research Institute
Keywords: SAS/IntrNet drill down http Tabulate report format dynamic
Pages: 5 Size: 122 Kb 
tweet!  Proc Format is Our Friend
  Erin M. Christen, AYW Consulting
Keywords: PROC FORMAT Tricks Tips output display automation flexible format
Pages: 20 Size: 222 Kb 

Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group 2005   May 22-25, 2005 - Phoenix, Arizona

Best Paper
tweet!  Use Proc Format To Apply Value Specific Suffixes To Your Data
  Lara E. Guttadauro, Kendle International Inc
Keywords: format suffix display picture
Pages: 2 Size: 15 Kb 
tweet!  Building Dynamic Informats Formats
  Michael zhang, Merck & Co., Inc.
Keywords: Proc Format Informats Formats Ranges
Pages: 8 Size: 117 Kb 
tweet!  SAS Macros to Match Data from External Data Sources
  Arkady M. Kushnir, AmEx
Pages: 6 Size: 54 Kb 
tweet!  ADVANCE TIPS for Manipulating Data in Commonly used Procedures.
  RAJ S. SULIGAVI, HTC Global Services Inc.; Jyotheeswara N. Yellanki, Systems analyst
Keywords: Abort Stop Propcase Scan Substr If Where OBS FIRSTOBS DO Leave List Informat Put Colon Opeartor MOD operator In operator PROC SQL PROC SORT PROC REPORT
Pages: 11 Size: 243 Kb 
tweet!  Looking for a Date? A Tutorial on Using SAS Dates and Times
  Art Carpenter, CA Occidental Consultants
Keywords: date time format INTNX INTCK date literal shift operator alignment options
Pages: 13 Size: 246 Kb 

Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group 2004   May 23-26, 2004 - San Diego, California

tweet!  Changing That Pesky Datetime to a Date
  Stanley E. Fogleman, Harvard Clinical Research Institute
Pages: 3 Size: 32 Kb 
tweet!  Creating a Mixed-Case Format for Mono-Case Data Using an Input Control Data Set with PROC FORMAT
  Lisa A Soberano, PPD Development, Inc.
Keywords: mixed case monocase proc format cntlin= cntlout= functions data formats character
Pages: 7 Size: 394 Kb 
tweet!  Module to Create Global Macro Variables with Distinctive Names Matching Date Values They Carry
  Anatoly V. Kulinsky, FBF Fleet Credit Card Services
Keywords: Macro function date format INTNX time-series error handling return code
Pages: 7 Size: 127 Kb 
tweet!  Transposition of Variables with Different Formats
  Peter Z. Lin, AstraZeneca
Pages: 5 Size: 19 Kb 
tweet!  Different Decimal Places for Different Lab Tests.
  Cecilia Mauldin, PPD Development
Pages: 7 Size: 40 Kb 
tweet!  The FORMAT Procedure - More Than Just a VALUE Statement
  Lawrence R. Heaton-Wright, Quintiles Limited
Keywords: format picture informat control datasets catalog value
Pages: 9 Size: 28 Kb 
tweet!  MULTILABEL - A Useful Addition to the FORMAT Procedure
  Venkatesan Chakravarthy, Independent Consultant
Keywords: multilabel format overlapping pharmaceutical preloadfmt completetypes mlf NDA ISS ISE
Pages: 9 Size: 37 Kb 
tweet!  Building and Using User Defined Formats
  Art Carpenter, CA Occidental Consultants
Keywords: format informat PROC FORMAT picture format format library
Pages: 9 Size: 129 Kb 

Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group 2003   May 4-7, 2003 - Miami, Florida

tweet!  Cross-referencing Data Contents and Case Report Form
  Sam Mao, Quintiles, Inc
Keywords: data contents format decodes CRF SAS options
Pages: 4 Size: 42 Kb 
tweet!  Adjusting Dates in a New Century
  Malachy (Mal) Foley, University of North Carolina
Keywords: Y2K YEARCUTOFF Dates Formats
Pages: 2 Size: 73 Kb 
tweet!  You be Your Own QC Cop - Check your .SAS, .LOG and .LST dates from Within SAS Using Operating System Commands
  Venky Chakravarthy
Pages: 4 Size: 144 Kb 

Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group 2002   May 5-8, 2002 - Salt Lake City, Utah

tweet!  A data dictionary. A more complete alternative to Proc contents.
  Angelina Cecilia Casas, PPD Development
Keywords: proc contents dictionary.table dictionary.column proc format
Pages: 4 Size: 20 Kb 
tweet!  Date and Time Values in Clinical Trial Data
  George Li, Quintiles, Inc; John Morrill, Quintiles, Inc.
Keywords: conservative CRF design cumulative date duration format time
Pages: 4 Size: 88 Kb 
tweet!  Have a Strange Date? - Create your own INFORMAT to deal with her.
  Venkatesan Chakravarthy, Consultant
Keywords: dates formats informats picture format directives banking health insurance pharmaceutical
Pages: 6 Size: 177 Kb 

Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group 2001   May 20-23, 2001 - Boston, Massachusetts

tweet!  Using Special Characters and Formats with SAS®
  Quan Ren, Kendle International Inc. Cincinnati, OH
Keywords: SAS Character Format Byte DDE Word Superscript
Pages: 4 Size: 27 Kb 

Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group 1998   May 17-20, 1998 - San Francisco, California

tweet!  Fun With Formats. A Few Neat Uses Of Formats And Format Catalogs
  Lisa McNamara Hlina, Quintiles Inc. Research Triangle Park, NC
Keywords: format lisa
Pages: 2 Size: 7 Kb 
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